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Technology Innovates Education

Launching a new school requires a lot of complex moving parts. Fortunately, our experienced IT professionals have the experience needed to plan, coordinate, and fully deploy the foundational technology infrastructure for your new school.

If you are an existing school looking to expand your facilities or launch a new location, we can help with that too.

Staying Within the Budget and the Timeline is Critical

We get it, schools run on very tight budgets with strict timelines for faculty, staff, and students. A project can’t be half-finished or underquoted. Our team is experienced with working with you, third-party technology vendors, and general contractors effectively, with concerted effort so classes are ready on opening day. We can help you make the most out of your E-rate funding to deliver the solutions your students and faculty need.

The Full Gamut of Technology for Your New School

We are intimately familiar with all of the underlying technology that goes into launching a new school from the ground up. From the network drops and low-voltage cabling, to the desktops and printers in your computer labs, to having a failover ISP, we take a holistic approach to mapping out and deploying everything you need for a smooth launch, with room to grow and expand as you need to.
We are also experts in more specialized systems, such as PA systems, large space audio/video infrastructure, physical access control and security, camera systems, VoIP phone systems, and classroom technology. We do it all, and we can continue to support it long after classes begin.

School Security Implementation

With so many endpoints and users, security is paramount. We work with you to establish secure network policies applied to all devices to prevent malicious usage and ensure you meet CIPA compliance. We use similar concepts for physical security as well, allowing you to centrally and digitally control door locks and restricting physical access to only those who should have it.

Let’s Visualize Your New School Together

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Here are just some types of projects MSPNetworks can handle for your business:


Reliable Internet and continuous access to your network throughout the office is critical to stay productive. We can help you establish, expand, and optimize your existing network.
Low voltage wiring has different requirements and standards than electrical wiring in order for it to work efficiently. Our highly-certified technicians connect your technology together.
From conference rooms to classrooms, we can install and configure A/V systems for large and small venues. This includes the initial concept planning, to the wiring, all the way to the training and support.
Display messages, alerts, upcoming events, instructions, and advertisements across your organization with flexible, easy-to-use digital signage solutions.
Protect your assets and ensure the safety of your staff and customers with centralized security systems. This includes camera systems, door locks, and intelligent “smart” systems to monitor activity throughout your organization.
Save money and vastly increase your telephone system’s capabilities by implementing a VoIP solution. We have experience with a wide variety of VoIP solutions to fit the exact needs of your organization.
We can install and configure desktops, laptops, servers, and low-cost solutions like chromebooks. Our professionals are fluent in nearly all computing technology and can help you establish the best solution for your users.
Whether you need specific line-of-business applications, or need to meet certain security compliances, our IT experts can help your business use technology to improve your effectiveness and keep your data safe.
We can supply devices for students and teachers, such as laptops, tablets, and PCs, Google MEETS, and Chrome Books.
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