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MSP Vault

Data Backup and Recovery


Why MSPVault?


MSPNetworks knows how critical it is to have a proper Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in place. We have seen it all when it comes to outages and disasters. We have also worked with many hardware/software backup providers over the years and know what works and what doesn’t. Gone are the days of tape backup and being “ok” with outages that “only” last for a few days. Organizations today need continuity. This is why we have customized a hybrid solution that utilizes both local and cloud storage to ensure your organizations critical data is secure, backed up and available from anywhere at any time.


What are the key hardware/software components of the MSPVault solution?

Below is a table that goes over what the MSPVault consists of and provides to our clients. At a “bare minimum”, we include all of these in our base solution.

MSPVault Components


MSPVault Hardware
  • MSPVault Appliance consists of Server Grade components that are designed to run 24/7/365
  • All MSPVault appliances are “refreshed” every 4 years ahead of standard 5 year EoL cycle.
  • They are designed to run your Server infrastructure Virtually if the need arises
  • MSPVault appliances can be sized to host up to 10 Virtual Servers locally with more in the MSPCloud if needed.
MSPVault Software
  • MSPVault utilizes Storagecraft Backup software including Shadowprotect and Imagemanager
  • MSPAgent will be installed on the MSPVault to provide monitoring, remote access and patch management.
MSPCloud Storage
  • Off-site backup storage space is included in all of our MSPVault packages. With 2TB’s included by default
  • Primary and Backup datacenter locations are provided with local NY based datacenter for easy backup retrieval. This eliminates the need to wait for a copy to be shipped overnight or over the weekend. We have local on-premise access to our primary datacenter

What if I need more than 2TB’s of storage or have more than 10 Servers?

MSPVault can scale with your business and in some cases we would add additional MSPVault appliances to scale with your needs. Additional MSPCloud BDR storage can be purchased in increments of 1TB