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MSP Cloud

Business Cloud Hosting


What is MSPCloud?


The MSPCloud is what you need it to be! A fast, secure and reliable multi-location environment
where you can host your organizations technology needs. MSPNetworks currently utilizes
Primary and Backup Data Centers that can host various client services such
as dedicated Servers, VoIP solutions, Hosted applications, Backup and Disaster Recovery,
Email, Websites and more.


MSPCloud Services


MSPCloud Detail

MSPCloud Servers

– Physical
– Virtual
– Co-lo

  • MSPNetworks can provision Physical or Virtual Servers that are custom tailored to fit your application or hosting needs with the ability to scale as you grow.
  • MSPNetworks also offers “Co-location” services if you have equipment that you wish to host in one of our Datacenter locations. This will offer the reliability you need to ensure your always up.
MSPCloud Services

– MSPSync
– MSPMail
– MSPVault

  • MSPSync is our cloud based data collaboration file service. Please read more about it under MSPSync
  • MSPMail is our cloud based Exchange Email platform and email continuity service.
  • MSPVault is our BDR solution. Please read more about it under MSPVault.

Benefits of Using MSPCloud?

MSPCloud Benefits


Cost Savings

Minimize high upfront hardware costs by paying a low monthly subscription for the services and equipment you need.

Work from Anywhere

As long as you have an Internet connection you can access your Cloud services from anywhere in the world.

Increase Collaboration

When your organization can share, work on and store files from anywhere, it promotes collaboration.


Control your content when it’s centrally located. If devices are lost, simply remote wipe them and know your data is protected.

Document Control

No more sending attachments back and forth, work off the real-time copy of your data from anywhere and anytime.

Disaster Recovery

Prevent costly data loss by having your data stored securely in multiple locations.


Pay as you go and add services as you need, quickly and cost effectively.