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MSPCare Packages

Remote Network Monitoring

What’s included in an MSPCare Package?

We provide (3) types of MSPCare Packages. Gold, Silver and Bronze. Below is a table summarizing what each package includes starting with the Bronze level and then showing what Silver and Gold bring to the table. As a Managed Services Provider we understand that not all organizations handle IT the same. We are confident that one of our packages will fit your needs.

MSPCare Package Level

MSPCare Package Details

MSPCare Bronze
  • MSPAgent Software
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Access
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Asset & Inventory Tracking
  • Automated Maintenance
  • “Virtual Tech”
  • Reporting
  • Network Device Management
  • Basic Web Filtering
MSPCare Silver
  • Everything in “Bronze”
  • PLUS Unlimited Help Desk Services
  • PLUS Unlimited Remote Support
  • PLUS Vendor Management
  • PLUS Ticketing System
  • PLUS Email Management (Google Apps, Office 365)
  • PLUS Executive Summary & Support Analytics
MSPCare Gold
  • Everything in “Bronze”
  • Everything in “Silver”
  • PLUS Unlimited On-Site Support
  • PLUS Hosted Exchange Mailbox

What if I already have Antivirus, Email or any other service that you include?

We found with our years of experience that clients did not want to track multiple vendors and worry about if they need to renew a service, or if their Antivirus subscription is expiring, etc. MSPNetworks bundles all of the included services for a low monthly per user fee. These services are essential in making sure your systems are up 24/7 and you can rely on them. We will help you analyze who you are paying what to to eliminate those additional bills over time.

What do you mean by “Unlimited” support?

Exactly that…”Unlimited”. We are not in the business to nickel and dime or charge in half hour increments for service. This is time consuming and usually proves more costly for our clients. It doesn’t allow for a predictable IT budget and improves service time by eliminating the need to approve a service call. By making the commitment to us and signing up for an MSPCare Package, we commit to you that anything covered by your Managed Services Agreement will be included regardless if we have to dispatch a tech on-site or spend hours working on a problem.

Okay, so what’s NOT included in an MSPCare Package?



*Hardware and/or Software – NOT covered by warranty or 3rd party support contract

In the event that hardware/software fails and it’s not covered under an existing warranty or valid support contract, either through MSPNetworks or a 3rd party vendor, replacement and labor involved would not be included and will be billed separately

New Projects – (Defined as the addition of new Hardware, Software or Services to the organizations current network)

Any new Project related work such as adding new computers, rolling out a new application or adding a 3rd party service would be considered a new Project. As such, a Statement of Work would be generated with the cost for such Projects as well as a cost to support new equipment under the current Managed Services Agreement